The angel on the right shoulder (second feature)

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The angel on the right shoulder (Fararishtay kifti rost)

The angel on the right shoulder (Fararishtay kifti rost)

original title:

Fararishtay kifti rost

italian title:

L'angelo della spalla destra

directed by:



costume design:



Fabrica, Rai Cinema, Ventura Film, Artcam (Paris), TSI Televisione (Zurich), Asht Village (Tagikistan)





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An ancient Islamic legend says that every man is accompanied by two invisible angels The angel on your right takes note of your good actions while the angel at your left shoulder records the bad ones...
The story of Attar, a wealthy man who lived in the 13th century who gave up his leisurely existence to become a wandering poet after witnessing the death of a Dervish whom he had refused to help, inspired Djamshed Usmonov to make his second feature film, The angel on the right shoulder , set in his native village of Asht in Tagikistan.
It is a film about poverty and mother love.
Halima cannot reconcile herself to the fact that after her death, it will be impossible for her coffin to pass through her front door because it is not wide enough so she pretends to be at death’s door so that her son, Khamro, will return from Russia and repair the door.
The plan works and Khamro returns to Asht. Unfortunately, he was forced to borrow money for the journey and is counting the money he will inherit on his mother’s death to make good the debt.
The problem is that Halima has no intention of dying. She realises that her son is in mortal danger and asks her “Angel on the right side” to make her die so that her son can pay off his debt...