The best of youth

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The best of youth (La meglio gioventù)

The best of youth (La meglio gioventù)

The best of youth (La meglio gioventù)

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La meglio gioventù


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Super 16mm - colour

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Dolby Digital

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La Meglio Gioventù tells the story of an Italian family from the end of the 60s till nowadays. The lives of two brothers, Nicola and Matteo, are the heart of the story. At first they share the same dreams, the same hopes, the same books and friendships. Meeting Giorgia, a girl with mental disorders, will be determinant for the future of the two brothers: Nicola decides to become a psychiatrist, Matteo abandons his studies and joins the police.
La Meglio Gioventù deals with the most crucial events and sites of Italy's history: Florence during the flooding, Sicily and its struggle against the Mafia, songs that mark an epoch, Turin during the 70s with its blue-collar-workers, Milan during the 80s, the youth movements, terrorism, the crisis during the 90s, the efforts made to rebuild and reinvent a modern nation. Our characters will reluctantly pursue their passions: they will stumble over history, they will grow up, hurt themselves, nurture new illusions and put themselves at stake again.
La Meglio Gioventù - both the title of a Friulian poetry collection by Pier Paolo Pasolini and an old song, sung by the Alpine troops - is the portrait of a generation, that tried - despite its contradictions, its ingenuous and violent furies, its authoritative voice, sometimes out of tune - not to accept the world as it is, but to make it a little bit better than they found it.