Per finta o per amore (second feature)

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Per finta o per amore

Per finta o per amore

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Per finta o per amore

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Miranda, a famous television star lives in a world of bodyguards and personal assistants, that she punctually fires at each of her outbursts.
Domenico, twenty five years old, sunny disposition, unemployed and ' broke ' is sent by an agency to interview as the upteenth personal assistant, but the first meeting with the star is a disaster. The tenant living downstairs, Amedeo, a theatre director , an original man of culture and disenchanted gay who does not flaunt or hide his sexual orientation, tells him that Miranda, is infact looking for a gay personal assistant, and offers to 'prepare' him for the new interview with the woman.
Domenico brilliantly passes this test , but it is at this moment that his troubles begin...
Miranda will demonstrate that she is a lunatic and capricious woman, but at the same time sweet and in need of affection, the perfect woman to fall in love with...