My brother-in-law (second feature)

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My brother-in-law (Mio cognato)

My brother-in-law (Mio cognato)

My brother-in-law (Mio cognato)

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Mio cognato

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35mm - colour

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Dolby Digital

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Bari, in the 21st century. Toni and Vito are brothers-in-law. They are very different kinds of men and they don’t agree with each other.
Toni is a 40-year-old, who’s worldly wise but slipshod, always rushing around, with no set timetables in his work as a small time businessman. While Vito, who’s married to Toni’s sister, is slightly younger, and is an ordinary clerk and leads an ordinary life.
Vito attends the baptism of Toni’s son with his wife Anna, when his new car, which he still hasn’t finished paying for, is stolen.
With the good mood of the party in jeopardy, following his sister's prompting Toni offers to go and look for the car with his brother-in-law, but he is obviously reluctant. As far as Vito is concerned, he’s willing to put his pride to one side in order to find the car.
And so these two start a journey in Toni’s high powered car, through the various metropolitan landscapes, in a night that seems endless.
Vito discovers another city, governed by codes he doesn’t know and over which Toni seems to have complete control.
Through this night, shoulder to shoulder, the two brothers-in-law learn to trust each other a bit more, and at the dawn of the new day the pair end up walking more or less at the same pace.
But in the indifference of the city, which slowly wakes up, there’s still a bitter surprise waiting for them.