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Senza freni

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Alessandro is an eight year old boy. He lost his father when he was very little and now lives with his mother Giulia – a swimming teacher – an a small villa surrounded by green in the suburbs of a town. It is bright morning. The sound of a car wakes him up, but there’s something wrong, he sees his mother leaving and he immediately darts off to follow her, terrified, screaming. He can’t stop her. The car has suffered a dreadful crash and he arrives just in time to see an ambulance leave with its sirens at full volume. They bring him to a big police station, he is in shock. A police officer takes care of him. Alessandro confesses he is the one who tampered with the brakes of the car and who ultimately provoked the accident. The officer is a good person. He manages to calm Alessandro down and make him tell the story. It was all fine up to a few months before. Then, uncle Claudio, his father’s brother, whom Alessandro hadn’t seen since he was two, returned. From then on his life began to be haunted by shadows, fears and ‘visions’. Alessandro is very concerned and he shares his fears with Edo, his best friend. Claudio’s arrival has changed things: he flirts with Giulio – who hasn’t remarried after she became a widow – and the old house which Alessandro loves, is now on sale. Alessandro's fears grow and make him dig into his own memory like a young detective and he soon realises the real, tragic reasons of his hatred towards his uncle…