Remember me

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Remember me (Ricordati di me)

Remember me (Ricordati di me)

Remember me (Ricordati di me)

original title:

Ricordati di me

directed by:


set design:

costume design:


Fandango, Medusa Film, BVI International (Paris), ViceVersa (London)






film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


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They wanted to become someone. Giulia a great actress, Carlo a novelist. Then the children came and year after year the dreams of glory have slowly given way to a normal family life. Giulia becomes a secondary school teacher, Carlo works as an executive in a finance firm.
And here they are now, twenty years later, with two teenage children. Valentina is 17 and Paolo is close to leaving school. The times have changed and also the way they dream. For Valentina, the idea of success has a well-defined and concrete goal. She wants to become a light entertainment female actress and she’ll do anything to get on TV. Her clear determination cracks the surface of the family serenity, bringing sunken dreams, uncertainties and the disappointments of everyone to the surface.
With all of them living under the same roof, small individual tremors rapidly turn into a blind and feverish recovery of what has been sacrificed for the others. Giulia launches herself headfirst on stage of a theatre, and ends up falling in love with her director. Carlo, during a pathetic school reunion, meets his first love again and his love for her is rekindled and she turns into an inspiring muse. Valentina, will arrive under the spotlights on a quiz show while her brother, Paolo, roams disorientated through the egocentrism of the family, in search of himself, a person who refuses to take shape. In the end the four characters end up posing the same question: Is it possible to start from the beginning again?