The legend of Al, John and Jack

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The legend of Al, John and Jack (La leggenda di Al, John & Jack)

The legend of Al, John and Jack (La leggenda di Al, John & Jack)

The legend of Al, John and Jack (La leggenda di Al, John & Jack)

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La leggenda di Al, John & Jack


Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, Antonio Catania, Giovanni Esposito, Frank Crudele, Marco Beretta, Giovanni Cacioppo, Silvana Fallisi, Ivano Marescotti, Lucia Guzzardi, Paolo Dell'Orto, Aldo Maccione, Enzo Castelluccio, Patricia Ellis, Natalia Robbins, Vinny Pecora, Michael Weiss, Davis Lule Yawe, Giogio Centamore,


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New York, 1959. A famous “boss” has commissioned three gangsters to kill a certain “Frankie”. However the trio are very strange people and if that wasn’t enough, one of them, AL to be precise, has lost his memory following a traumatic experience.
His two companions are JOHN and JACK, who reconstruct the extraordinary circumstances which force them to hide from the boss, for their friend who has no memory.
Thanks to the clumsy way in which they tried to fulfil the task which has been given them, the three find themselves thrown into a terrible difficulty.
Once the boss has discovered that AL, JOHN and JACK have got the wrong target, he entrusts their future to a throw of the dice and thanks to a bit of luck, and their lack of mathematical knowledge, the three manage to survive; but in exchange for their lives, they have to overcome a very sensitive test: to protect a woman who is very dear to the boss.
Needless to say that yet again, the three improbable security guards manage to put their lives in danger, thanks to a “banal” incident.
It’s at this point that AL, JOHN and JACK come up with a plan which could change their by now inexorable destiny...