Il ronzio delle mosche (second feature)

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Il ronzio delle mosche

Il ronzio delle mosche

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Il ronzio delle mosche

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A group of doctors and scientists are working on a new project. The team comprises Doctor Badii, Doctor Graus and the woman Doctor Natalia. The idea is to round up the last three madmen on earth and take them to a secret place, to study them and see if it’s possible to use them as a starting point to create madness, in a way it can be passed on to others. This would reintroduce the line between a healthy mind and a sick mind, which would be used to fight the boredom and depression rife on earth, by reinserting the feeling of fear. The three madmen are Franco, a failed painter, Matteo, who lives in his own world and expresses himself in an absurd way, and Felice, a sweet and sensitive individual who plays the piano and who’s obsessed by flies. The project has started. Doctor Graus makes the first contact with the patients and tells Natalia about the results. At the start he doesn’t manage to identify their madness, they seem to be suffering more from depression or alcoholism; the task ends up being more difficult than anticipated, the methods used don’t work until finally they get an idea: daily life! The only way to get their madness to come out is to put them in a new daily routine, obviously fictitious, which will drive them to their wits ends, making their lives completely unbearable… and so they get some film studios ready, enlist actors, also including Natalia who will be the fake lover of Felice, give the three patients a powerful hallucinogen and the experiment starts. The result will be remarkable, perfect, Doctor Graus’s real triumph. The three patients are really mad in the true sense of the word…..the world can it’s dose of madness again….