Sei come sei - Una seconda occasione

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Sei come sei - Una seconda occasione

Sei come sei - Una seconda occasione

Sei come sei - Una seconda occasione

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Sei come sei - Una seconda occasione

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Film Tre, Cinecittà Holding, Apple Computer Italia, Kodak, Thomson, Cam

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Fabio is a young man, just over 20 years-old, who commits suicide by slitting his wrists in his own bathroom. He finds himself (a corpse at this point) in another world, standing in front of a clerk who has to register him as a new arrival. But as this is a suicide, the clerk has to fill in an extremely long and complicated form! To avoid this boring nuisance, he suggests that the young boy go back to living, promising him that he’ll be rich and there’ll be a beautiful woman in his future life. The youngster agrees. He wakes up in his bathroom, lost in reverie. Completely amazed, he phones up a friend and arranges to meet him and tell him the story. He rushes out of the house, and no sooner has he reached the street, he’s knocked down by a car!!! The clerk sees the whole scene on a monitor, pleased that this time the form he’ll have to complete will be much less complicated!