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DueA Film, Erreti Film






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Carlo Baldi is a thirty year old priest, who’s been somewhat outside the margins of religious activity for a few years because of a severe nervous breakdown. He is deemed to be “cured” by the ecclesiastical authorities and is sent to oversee the Acquasparta parish.
In that small city in Umbria, a few months after Carlo arrives, an old priest, called Don Antonio is brutally murdered. This old man had been involved in a personal research about the mysterious death of a little boy.
Through a series of remarkable events, Baldi finds himself carrying on the work of his predecessor. He is helped by Luca Anselmi, a young TV journalist, who has been sent to Acquasparta to file a report about a woman in a coma. For many years this woman has had visions from the 'afterlife’. Fate brings the priest and the journalist together for an investigation that will bring to light an incredible event that actually happened in the 1970s.
The united strength of the pair allows them to determine the mysterious link between the death of the little boy, thirty years earlier, and the visions of the woman in a coma. But there’s more. The priest’s personal involvement in the terrifying and bloody events, leads him to fall back into a deep depression. In the house where he’s staying as a guest, he relives his past, once again coming up against those ghosts he thought he had banished forever.