Between strangers (first feature)

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Between strangers (Cuori estranei)

Between strangers (Cuori estranei)

Between strangers (Cuori estranei)

original title:

Cuori estranei

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35mm - colour

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Dolby SR

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Between Strangers is the story of three women,who are taken up woth dreaming, wishes and choices which are curiously interweaved between them and which take a heavy toll on their everyday lives. Built on different levels, Between Strangers analyses the life of these three women from close up, especially their difficult and irresolvable problems with their respective fathers.
Olivia (Sophia Loren) has drawn in secret for years, but recently her drawings are pouring out of her in a torennt which comes from a recurring dream. The dream takes her mind off the relationship she has with her husband who is in a wheelchair, which is almost motherlike, and it draws her towards her daughter to whome she gave birth when she was very young and who her father persuaded her to abandon.
Natalia (Mira Sorvino) is a photo-journalist and she has just had her first front page cover on a prestigious magazine. Yet, the need to discover what happened to the woman in the picture stops her from fully enjoying her longed for fame.
Natalia's father, who's a famous photographer, can't convince her. Natalia, following the voice of her conscience, decides to take up a new path. Finally there's Catherine (Deborah Kara Ungcr), a successful cellist, overcome by longstanding pain, who leaves her family to meet her father, even if she is unsure how to get revenge on the man who she holds responsible for the death of her mother.