Break free

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Break free (Liberi)

Break free (Liberi)

Break free (Liberi)

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35mm - colour

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Dolby SRD

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Cenzo is from Bussi, a town nestled in the mountains. He worked in a factory. Then after thirty years they closed down the department and he was sent out. What does one do outside? Who are you outside if you don’t have your job anymore?
Vince is twenty years old, he is Cenzo’s son, and he wants to leave. Where to? Away, to a big city to study and get to know the world. Elena, his girlfriend, is twenty too but she doesn’t want to leave. Elena is fine where she is. She wants to get married, have children, have a home, a job, stay there.
Paola, Vince’s mother is fed up with the dull village life, especially after her apathetic husband Cenzo refuses to get up from bed. One day she leaves husband and son to look for a new life and love in the city.
Genny is a waitress in Pescara, a nice seaside place. She too is twenty and wants to see the world. But she can’t go anywhere. She suffers panic attacks. Anita, her mother, is a cook in the same restaurant where she works, they work the seasons, summer here, winter there.
Cenzo, Vince, Genny, Anita, Paola and Elena, during one summer on crowded beaches, bars and discos packed, customers to be served, loves and arguments, trains you catch and trains you miss, struggle desperately not to get lost. They struggle to overcome their fears, to free themselves from what suffocates them, they are struggling to live. Because for all of them, living, in the end, is not all that easy.

(Source: Intramovies)