Door of the seven stars

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Door of the seven stars (La porta delle sette stelle)

Door of the seven stars (La porta delle sette stelle)

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La porta delle sette stelle


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35mm - colour

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David is a 8-year-old boy, who lives in India with his parents. He’s very talented, especially with the piano, and he’s happy with his family. But his quite and nice life is brutally interrupted by the murder of his mother, found dead on the beach of Goa, and he suffers so much, that he has to be sent to a mental hospital in Italy. When the boy recovers, his father decides to send him to the Conservatory in Naples, where he finds new friends and Paolo, his best friend. At the age of 14, doomed to become a famous player, he leaves the piano forever with an inexplicable decision. We then find him grown up, head of a team of Italian Air Force pilots, loved and admired by his mates, doomed to a brilliant carrier; once again, the tragedy: his father dies and for this reason he decides to leave the Air Force, and starts to work as a private pilot for Raimondo a very rich financier. In this new world he meets Irina, beautiful and rich woman who immediately attracts him very much. Raimondo gives David and his beautiful lover Arianna, the task to go to a Balcanic town to manage the operations of Pradip, a genious 13-year-old Indian hacker, used by Raimondo for his business. Between David and Arianna starts a deep and secret relationship where nothing is ever said, as both of them would like to keep everything unveiled. In this trip, Pradip and David become friends and the Indian boy teaches David all the secrets of the business in Internet. Then David quit his job as pilot and enters the business, quickly becoming very rich. Arianna disappears and David doesn’t hear from her for long. David starts a business with Raimondo, finding out his terrible activities: production of bacteriological and chemical weapons, human organs traffic, frauds with funds doomed to humanitarian associations, etc. He decides to make these documents public on the Internet, then escapes to India with Pradip, and leaves him in a college in New Delhi. Once in India, David makes a purifying journey though his childhood into his soul, which free him from his links with the past. His journey will bring him to the beach of Goa, and to the hotel where his mother stayed before dying, “Door of the 7 stars”. There he meets again Arianna, waiting for him and they disappear together in the streets of India.