R/T round-trip (second feature)

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R/T round-trip (A/R andata+ritorno)

R/T round-trip (A/R andata+ritorno)

R/T round-trip (A/R andata+ritorno)

original title:

A/R andata+ritorno

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35mm - colour

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Dolby SR DTS Digital

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After an unhappy romantic experience, Dante, sick of his humdrum life, decides to leave his city and never return. He borrows money from some very dangerous people, with the intention of never paying it back. He leaves an empty apartment, his messenger's bicycle and his goldfish to Tolstoj, his oldest friend. First stop, Barcelona, then the rest of the world. But fate steps in ... Nina de La Serna, 25, is an airhostess who spends her life in the clouds. She has been engaged for years to a man whom she barely recognizes anymore. Something has to change in her life. And it does: Dante ends up in prison in Barcelona by mistake and is soon released but, having had all his money stolen, decides to return home. Nina on the other hand would like to return home but a general strike forces her to remain in Dante's city. With just a few days to go to Christmas and the hotels full, Tolstoj finds her a place to stay: the empty apartment that Dante has left him ... However, Dante is on his way home. He arrives at night, exhausted, slips into his bed and what happens happens. Dante and Nina make love as in a dream And this is where the story gets complicated. The local gang bosses find them and want their money back, way too much money to conjure up out of thin air. But Dante has some good friends and they plan a fake hold-up with a frantic chase through the whole city in order to close an old and dangerous chapter of their lives, in one final defiance of time. Dante, Nina and their friends, all together.