The wedding dress

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The wedding dress (Il vestito da sposa)

The wedding dress (Il vestito da sposa)

The wedding dress (Il vestito da sposa)

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Il vestito da sposa


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A wedding dressmaker's workroom.
A young girl, Stella, is trying on a sumptuous white dress.
Franco, the shop owner and designer, is giving her his last pieces of advice.
Lightheartedness and happiness.
After a few hours, at sunset, under a tree in the fields, Stella goes through an horrendous ordeal.
A few hours later. Andrea, her fiancée, together with her mother, are waiting for Stella to wake up.
As the summer goes on, the marriage goes by the wayside, Stella gives up the idea of getting married, she breaks off her engagement and relationship with Andrea, and she leaves university. One morning, when winter has come, Stella finally leaves the house, she argues with her mother, takes everything out from her room, she also shaves off her hair, and the day after she goes to find herself some work in a nearby village. A cake shop full of delicious smells and pastries. This is where Stella works, and where she'll start up her life again from scratch. Every day Stella walks along a white road winding through the fields to get to work. And one rainy day, on the road, Stella meets Franco again, the dress shop owner.
And Franco, who's fascinating and disturbing, will sweetly win her over.
Months go by. Spring returns. Stella starts to smile again. To laugh. They are both searching for their truth, which begins to become clear.
The truth will come when, one morning, Stella finds an object in the boot of the car, and she smells something which immediately makes her realise that she has already met that man before. They exchange a look, just a few metres apart, that says everything. But Franco still has a lot to say to her, he rushes towards her and a bus runs him over. One clean blow then silence. The sun is setting over the sea. Stella draws near while people are running, tourists get out of the bus, mobile phones are ringing, she looks at him in shock, she wants to know, she wants him to tell her. Franco, who's tired of his usual tone of ironic seduction, answers her with words that are unexpectedly sweet. And the truth is revealed, tragically, in a few seconds.