Genova senza risposte

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Genova senza risposte






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"The fear that people don’t believe you, they think you’re exaggerating, that it’s not possible that what you say you saw, is really true "

This phrase opens our film and it contains all the sense of the film: we didn’t go to Genoa to make a documentary, above all we went there to demonstrate. Federico was also there as a lawyer of the Genoa Social Forum (now the Legal Forum), to support the demonstrators, as opposed to the eventual violation of the law on the part of the forces of law and order. Teresa also took part as a media activist and Stefano came down from Turin with a video camera, where he’d been taking part in the recording of a film.
The absurdity and anger of what happened, and the difficulty of explaining the events we witnessed to someone who wasn’t there, and who saw the whole thing via the diverging news reports of those days, forced us to put together all the footage we filmed to make them into a documentary.
The choice of following the train of events in a chronological way is part of the deliberate intention to let those who weren’t at Genoa to come closer to the facts, from the contrast of the colours and the violence, which ended up being the whole paradox of what happened.
And it’s the same anger and the same lack of replies which made us want to follow what happened after Genoa, the CS gas cloud, the evaluations and the court cases taking place, contained in the additional piece of 18 minutes added as a natural follow up of the film, one year on from the G8.