Good morning, night

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Good morning, night (Buongiorno, notte)

Good morning, night (Buongiorno, notte)

Good morning, night (Buongiorno, notte)

original title:

Buongiorno, notte

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35mm - colour

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Dolby Digital

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The story is told from a subjective point of view, through the eyes of the young Anna, a terrorist who takes part in the armed struggle, and is involved in a kidnapping.
We see the complex world found during the years of terrorism (Editor’s Note: known in Italian as "anni di piombo" – literally translation meaning “years of lead”) through her understanding: a viewpoint that is so lost, often frightened and unconscious or consciously short-sighted about the reality which surrounds her. She is a desperate woman, who trusts that the revolution will come, yet at the same time trapped inside her secretive rituals.
On the other hand she has to live a normal everyday life, with the same rhythms as before: an office, work, colleagues and young guy who seems to be able to read her very well, in fact much better than she manages to do herself.
Holding on to that emotional thread, which makes ideology and the class struggle seem ever less important, she discovers herself in conflict with her companions and ever more disaffected by her role as a fighter, while the past and the present break down the certainties, and the fascination for revolutionary utopia doesn’t compensate for the fierce destruction of those who live near her or sleep next to her…