Al cuore si comanda (first feature)

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Al cuore si comanda

Al cuore si comanda

Al cuore si comanda

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Al cuore si comanda

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What can you do when you’re 30 and you still haven’t found the man for you? Well, Lorenza has made a decision: a fake man is always better than no man at all. If you can rent almost anything in this world, why can’t you also rent a boyfriend? Needless to say without emotional or sexual complications … "At 0:800 wake me up saying nice things; at 10:00 tell me that you love me…", every moment of the day is outlined in Lorenza’s rigid list of things to do, and Riccardo, an outgoing musician who is always broke, already feels suffocated by this straitjacket cum prison. But… you can plan everything down to the last tiny detail, except who you’ll fall in love with. All it needs is a moment of distraction, a star-filled night, and the only clause in the agreement goes up in smoke. Is it only sex, is it love, or just a delusion, a huge pretence? Maybe it was just all a stupid mistake, and Lorenza is brought back to her senses in a meeting with destiny: Giulio. Handsome, Fascinating and a Dentist. He’s perfect as he is, without any need to resort to lists, and there’ll be problems if she’s lets him get away. But sacking Riccardo is neither easy nor quick. He’s just as unpredictable and vengeful as a real “ex”, and Riccardo does everything to break up the new relationship, but in the end he has to come to terms with it and disappear.
Life with Giulio is now going perfectly, precisely according to Lorenza’s expectations… and her mother is also delighted. But she’s still missing something. What is love? Harmony or chaos? Lorenza doesn’t know how to explain it, maybe because it’s the first time she feels like this …
The past is the past, but the future is still to come: and if you have to make it up, it’s best to do so with a bit of imagination. It’s just that you mustn’t be afraid and you have to know what you want.
Lorenza has taken a new decision: this time, nothing is better than something fake. And she leaves Giulio to go off and win back Riccardo. But does he love her? Will he still want her? Lorenza is ready to take the risk.