Take me away

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Take me away (Prendimi (e portami via))

Take me away (Prendimi (e portami via))

Take me away (Prendimi (e portami via))

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Prendimi (e portami via)

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35mm - colour

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Romana, a 13 year old gypsy, is in the same class at school as Giampiero who lives with his parents, Alfredo and Luciana. They are people trying to make an honest and dignified living, like the other inhabitants in the area on the city limits. Luciana paints, and is unhappy with her life, Alfredo has a fruit and vegetable shop, Otello spends his day selling soft drinks in the streets, Italo has a bar and acts as a “spiritual guide” to the area. A sweet and intimate friendship grows between Giampiero and Romana. One day, Otello is selling drinks in the gypsy camp when he realises that he has been robbed.
Out of revenge, he accuses Romana of the theft. And so a ‘war’ breaks out between the gypsies and the inhabitants of the area, which leads to the torching of the camp one night. None of this has much effect on the relationship between Giampiero and Romana until her alcoholic father ‘loses’ her in a card game with Fulberto, an old gypsy. When Fulberto comes to get Romana, she is with Giampiero who tries in vain to defend her but is beaten up. This episode inflames the anger in the neighbourhood. Time passes, and Giampiero hasn’t forgotten Romana. He will find her again, and though she may have changed a great deal, she will still be undefeated.