3 women

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3 women (L'acqua... il fuoco)

3 women (L'acqua... il fuoco)

3 women (L'acqua... il fuoco)

original title:

L'acqua... il fuoco

directed by:


Sabrina Ferilli, Giancarlo Giannini, Valérie Kaprisky, Olivier Pages, Eloise Eonnet, James Thiérrée, Alain Holtgen, Catherine Toublanc, Gwendoline Meunier



set design:

costume design:



Buskin Film, Factory, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Gentleman Film (Luxemburg), with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby Digital

release date:


festivals & awards:

First episode
A typical modern and isolated building, situated in the periphery of the city. It’s in this desert landscape where Stefania, a pleasant and vital woman, lives, by herself since her husband left her for another woman. Even her two children have gone away from home. The daughter with a boy, maybe repeating the same mistakes that her mother did during the past whilst her son has found a job which takes him far away.
Stefania works at home, she copies television screenplays and smiles at the banality of the familiar events described: - One day I will write a story myself - she tells the costumers she works for…

Second episode
A clochard, Bernard is warming up himself with the fire under a Seine bridge. The man has a serene and detached aspect, muffled in a coat which maintains his dignity.
It is an uncertain hour that precedes the dawn, while the Seine seems to wake up from the long night sleep. Suddenly something interrupts Bernard’s solitude: a woman walks slowly down the steps which go from the shore to the river, until she throws herself in the water which drags her away.
At first hesitating, the man understands what has happened: he runs the long of the river and throws himself into the water to catch the woman. Only after she is reversed without any consciousness on the shore of the river, and the man tries to reanimate her, we understand that the woman is the same actress of the first episode: she looks younger, maybe thinner because of the paleness given by the contact with cold water.
Bernard in feeling she is cold and immobile tries to reanimate her. Then takes the woman and, arrived on the road he tries to stop one of the cars that passes by in the early morning.
At the hospital a nurse reassures Bernard: the woman is now out of danger, they will put her under observation. Bernard leaves, but the two will meet again…

Third episode
Avril, a 12 years old little girl, is setting a few chairs in front of the caravan of the little CIRQUE ETOILE.
Night comes down on the open place nearby the lake. Two or three bulbs illuminate the space with chairs. The audience is composed by few people. Avril exhibit’s in her number, while in the caravan Stella tries to make sure that her partner David, completely drunk, is able to perform his role as Diabolik, the fire eater. Diabolik, who finally appears, is received with euphoria. He wears a black suite with fire flames painted all over and a bonnet with horns. David drinks some alcohol, then brings the fire to his face and blows out of his mouth a big flame, until it comes out so strongly that it seems to burn him. David falls down with an inhuman scream. At the hospital he gives little signs of life, the situation is dangerous…but Stella doesn’t give up…

(Source: Buskin Film)