Don't move (second feature)

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Don't move (Non ti muovere)

Don't move (Non ti muovere)

Don't move (Non ti muovere)

original title:

Non ti muovere

directed by:


costume design:


Cattleya, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Alquimia Cinema (Madrid)






film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

A rainy day, someone drives through a red light, a 15 year old girl brakes, skids and falls off her motorbike. An ambulance rushes to hospital. The same hospital where her father works as a surgeon. While a colleague operates on his daughter, Timoteo sits and waits. In the panic of the intense event, he talks, casting off his mask of steadfastness and cynicism, the image of a model father and husband, to reveal a violent and alienated image of himself. He holds an imaginary conversation with his daughter, in the hope of being able to exchange words for the silence of coma, death with life. And in those words he reveals a painful secret: the apparently squalid story of a powerful and visceral extra marital love affair. And here we see a red-hot summer, years ago, a dilapidated urban suburb, a sweet and helpless woman, with an exaggerated name, Italia.
From the book of the same name by Margaret Mazzantini