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Not me (Io no)

Not me (Io no)

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Io no


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Esiodo used to advise: “When you relate to your brother, be kind, but always have a witness.” He knew that the relationship between brothers is a common source of misunderstandings, oppression and abuses. The protagonist is even rougher in his terms: “A brother is a stranger who is born either before or after you”. In his case, he was ten years old when his mother gave birth to his brother Francesco. From then on he would have had to share the life, the family company, his mother’s love and his father’s respect and, why not, women…
Francesco is now thirty years old and is an inveterate single. He cannot stand the world as it is any longer, but he doesn’t do anything to change it. A Cockeyed philosopher, ironic and disillusioned, ha faces once again a date in the dark organised by his sister in law Laura. During an ineffectual as much as overwhelming night he thus meets Elisa. Fragile, blonde, ethereal, she is the dance teacher of Flavio’s daughters and most of all she is his secret lover since two years before. The plot thickens, as we say. The scene coups are unrelenting and the conflicts come to the surface during a meeting between the four of them. On such occasion Flavio, in addition to getting plastered, as soon as his brother and Elisa have left, tells his wife that he loves another woman and that their story is over. Other events, far more painful, have yet to disrupt all their lifes…
Based on the novel with the same name by Lorenzo Licalzi