Modena Modena (first feature)

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Modena Modena

Modena Modena

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Modena Modena

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Fabrizio has graduated in literature and wants to be a writer, but in fact he’s working as a mechanic. He shares his flat with Stefano, who’s a lifelong student but to keep the wolf from the door he works in a bar and moves form one job to another. One night, perhaps because he’d eaten a magic mushroom, Fabrizio has a very strange dream where he talks to Death and makes a pact with him. He’ll be immortal if no girl ever says she loves him and if he never falls in love with any girl. Fabrizio inherits a Ferrari from an Uncle he didn’t even know he had, but then he discovers that the Ferrari has been used as a chicken coop and so is completely ruined. He’s just got back home when he discovers that his ex girlfriend is getting married. Then his bad luck culminates when his country suddenly remembers him and he is called up into the army. However he tells a friend of his ex girlfriend that he is ill and that he has to be cured, and tells complete lies about an inexistent illness, certain that the news will circulate. But he’s even refused by the army because he’s unfit for military life. He goes back to sorting out his Ferrari and he repairs it and ends up going to bed with his ex, who’s worried about his health.
Thinking that he’s ruined the wedding, Fabrizio goes to celebrate Stefano’s umpteenth sacking with a wild night on the Roman coast. And here he finds Giulia again. When she goes back to Modena she discovers that her ex still wants to marry her.
On the same night Fabrizio has an accident and destroys the Ferrari. He has a new dream with Death who reclaims his life because he is really in love with Giulia. In the end they agree to exchange a life for the possibility to be left alone.
Fabrizio kills Guilia’s ex and leaves with the knowledge that his guilt will seem obvious due to the fact that he has to leave. Fabrizio ends up in Paris and Giulia joins him there, and at this point Fabrizio discovers that, in reality, Giulia is Death.