Lettere dal Sahara

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Lettere dal Sahara

Lettere dal Sahara

Lettere dal Sahara

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Lettere dal Sahara

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35mm - colour

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Assane, a young Senegalese Muslim, interrupts his studies and emigrates to Italy following the death of his father. During his clandestine journey in Italy, Assane has to face with the problem of racism, religion, drogue and work. In Turin, where he knows no one, Assane deals with the harsh challenges of living clandestinely but strengthened by his faith and the encouraging letters from an elderly teacher of his country, he studies Italian and finds a steady job. Caterina his Italian teacher, hires him as a ‘carer’ for her disabled brother Luca, so that Assane can get his permit to stay. Just when things seem to be going better, Assane is beaten up by a gang of hooligans, is seriously traumatized and cannot bear to stay in Italy. He returns home and, frustrated by not having lived up to his family’s expectations, goes through a long crisis. Finally he seeks out his elderly teacher who has retired to a village in the South, and the old man succeeds in restoring his trust, identity and hope.