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Forever (Per sempre)

Forever (Per sempre)

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Per sempre


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Giovanni is a top penal lawyer whose life is characterised by professional success and extra-marital conquests. The unexpected arrival of the beautiful and ruthless Sara, a woman used to seducing men who then quickly bore her, upsets his life. Sara controls their love affair, alternating moments of great passion with sudden moments of distance when she cuts herself off from her lover with an indifference that is almost cruelty. Giovanni leaves his family, but Sara’s fear of a stable relationship makes her decide to abandon him. The man then falls into a serious state of physical and psychic prostration, a pathology known as “scratched spirit”. Giovanni is taken for treatment to a specialised clinic, where, despite the attention of the medical team lead by the psychologist Doddoli, he quickly loses interest in life, refuses food and, after an attempt to run away one night, dies. Doddoli, grieving over his personal and professional loss, and curious about his patient’s last words (“I am finally going to have some fun, I know what I have to do”) decides to discover the cause of the “scratch”. So he tracks down Sara, who starts to remember her past and the intense moments spent with Giovanni.