Il Siero della vanità (second feature)

The country goes into shock when, one by one, some of the most famous names from the world of entertainment disappear without a trace. The TV guru, Sonia Norton, who has her own show, doesn’t hesitate to call it "an unprecedented attack at the heart of the nation!”.
The media pack is on the run. The investigators grope in the dark for answers.
Lucia Allasco is a former police inspector who is still recovering from a tragic accident, which happened two years earlier during a police operation. Following the disappearances, Lucia is called back into service and he once again teams up with his old colleague, Franco Berardi. It doesn’t take much for Lucia and Franco to notice a direct link between the Sonia Norton Show and the missing stars. The investigations will lead to the discovery of a hidden world, where looks are more important breathing. And where the mildest of men can be turned into the most ruthless of killers.