Strange crime

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Strange crime (Sotto falso nome)

Strange crime (Sotto falso nome)

original title:

Sotto falso nome

directed by:


Daniel Auteuil, Greta Scacchi, Anna Mouglalis, Giorgio Lupano, Michael Lonsdale, Magdalena Mielcarz, Serge Merlin, François Germond


set design:

costume design:







film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


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A writer at the height of his fame. He's very secretive, no one knows what he looks like, no one knows anything about his life. His pseudonym is Jerzy Novak, his real name is Daniel Brodskj.
He has to get to Capri for Fabrizio's wedding. He's the son of Nicoletta, the Italian woman Daniel is married to and with whom he lives in Switzerland.
On the hydrofoil there’s an extraordinarily beautiful woman. They exchange looks, making small passes at each other with their eyes. When they arrive they share a taxi and they to end up in bed together for a night of sex.
In the morning there’s no trace of her. He is late, they’re waiting for him in church. It’s the start of a very strange, and certainly fateful wedding. The radiant bride is watched by the guests. And it’s only now that Daniel discovers that it’s her, the girl he’s just left.
It’s the start of a relentless mechanism where Daniel is the target.
Secretly, Mila (this is the girl’s name) and our writer, abandon themselves to their passion. Then, one morning, a parcel arrives containing photos of them making love. A blackmail threat, asking for money. In the place where they have their secret meetings, Ewa’s house, the girl’s best friend, Daniel discovers a photo that seems to have come from another time. A photo where he recognises a man who was part of his past. A story concerning the book that made him famous, an international celebrity. His partner and alter-ego, a cynical and cultured literary agent, knows something about it. The man in the photo is the unpublished writer who came to them to publish a book and who then committed suicide. It’s the book that the world knows as the masterpiece by Jerzy Novak. The two partners start to think, and they come up with a number of theories about the identity of the blackmailer.
It’s the start of a journey back in time, towards the real dark beginning, towards the blame …