For bread alone

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For bread alone (El khoubz el hafi)

For bread alone (El khoubz el hafi)

For bread alone (El khoubz el hafi)

original title:

El khoubz el hafi

italian title:

Il pane nudo

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35mm - colour

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Mohamed is a child like many other children, but his family is poor, his father is an alcoholic and violent man, his mother is forced to work for the survival of the whole family. The Fifties are difficult in Morocco, there’s no place for the childhood, to play, and the happiness every child should have right to have. Mohamed grows up early, he leaves his family, and starts to wander among the streets, by night, looking for food, for a home, for a happiness who manages to find only in a diseased sexuality, haunting the underworld and the places of ill-repute of the city of Tangiers, like many other children like him. In the meantime Morocco is waking up from its long colonial sleep and huge demonstrations begin to agitate the country. At the age of twenty, during a round-up, he is sent to prison where he finds a man intent on writing a poem on the wall of his cell. Suddenly he feels the necessity of starting to learn to read and write: it’s the beginning of a new life. This moment creates in him the anger necessary to free himself from a poverty that was even greater: that of ignorance and illiteracy. He enrols in a public school, and becomes a primary school teacher. To teach to other children how to escape from poverty and ignorance. An autobiographical story based on the book “FOR BREAD ALONE” by the Moroccan author MOHAMED CHOUKRI.