Segretario particolare (first feature)

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Segretario particolare

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Davide by now, is over seventy years old and has been a secretary for most of his life. Running the office and planning the daily schedule for each of his employers, has been for the past 40 years, more than a profession, it has been a real and actual way of life. At the beginning of the 90's he is nearing retirement and working for a parliamentary lawyer.
More or less indifferent, just as his working role dictates,the secretary is slowly lured into shady manoeuvers involving large sums of money from a dubious source, which he will go ahead and deposit ( even under his own name ) on direct orders from his boss. After some time, he is called in by a public prosecutor to explain all of the facts, and so will begin the difficult journey which will lead him to question his whole existence. This inner journey will coincide with the physical one, as he will travel to visit his wife ( a patient in a rehabilitation center) and an old friend, Mattia, who he has not seen in a long time.
The meeting with his old friend will lead to meditations, afterthoughts both spontaneous and involuntary, and slowly his certainties will begin to falter. The man who has always taken care of running other people's business or simply taking orders, going against time now, starts to feel as if he has always lived his life as a third person and never for himself. His responsibility and dedication to work was his way of staying away from everything, including his own responsibilities All these shadows, forever present in his life, appearing now before him, in all their clarity and awkward presence..