The fever

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The fever (La febbre)

The fever (La febbre)

The fever (La febbre)

original title:

La febbre


set design:

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Negramaro, Louis Siciliano, Roy Paci, Fabio Barovero, Simone Fabbroni

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35mm - colour

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Dolby SRD

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Mario Bettini, a provincial accountant, is a young man full of ideas, with a love of life and a burning desire to live it to the full. He has a dream in his heart: to open a nightspot with his friends. Who has not dreamed of opening a similar establishment at least once? To achieve his dream, he is willing to place his life on a shaky footing for awhile, accepting a role that is not his own. All his enthusiasm, his ideas and his projects shall suddenly be viewed by the world that surrounds him as a contagious disease to be cured as soon as possible. He runs up against the comic existence of the bureaucracy, filled with sandbagging, dirty tricks, sly ruses, mediocrity and humiliation. Only love, the true kind, and the poetry of life, will be able to transform his dream of a nightspot into that of a free country, where people are judged on the basis of their skills, without having to struggle to, obtain their god-.given rights, and where sewing one’s seed means nothing more than working hard to obtain a hood harvest. And this in everyone’s interest. The dream is a country finally capable of recognising and refusing the talent of mediocrity. It would appear to be an impossible dream, but it is not...
An entertaining declaration of love and anger towards Italy: love, because it is impossible not to love such a country; anger, because obstacles are continuously being placed in the way of that love.