Mundo civilizado

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Mundo civilizado

Mundo civilizado

original title:

Mundo civilizado

directed by:


Libero De Rienzo, Valentina Cervi, Fabrizia Sacchi, Vladislav Delay, Planet Funk, Rino Ingargiola, Arto Lindsay, Ludovic Llorca, Massimo Sapienza






film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby Digital

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Francesca, Morgana, Edo and Antonio. Four of today’s youngsters. Four inadvertent representatives of today’s generation of 20-year-olds who “do whatever I want”.
By chance they find that they’re spending a week in Catania together, the Baroque city perched on the slopes of a volcano, the continual rumbling of which seems to reflect their restlessness…
But Catania is also the place where there are concerts by major stars from music world, as well as emerging groups, where you can find many recording studios to experiment with contemporary music or the timeless style of classical musicians.
Our four characters plunge themselves into this world and they rock to the heady rhythms of the night and explore the land, dazzled by the Sicilian sun. Here they meet a stream of musicians, artists, actors and they go off with them, almost involuntarily, searching for “the things I like”. In the hostel where they sleep there’s the other face of the city, ethnic and stratified, the sound of the drums from a Senegalese band wafts up from the underground; at the zoo they help with a performance by Vladislav Delay and at the General Market they meet Prefuse 73…
During a long night in a disco they lose themselves to the rhythms of Ludovic Llorca, while Morgana decides to sing a song by a Sicilian musician who’s her age…
And at the end of this week, like pearl-catchers, our characters have stripped down to their underwear and climbed up to the summit of the volcano. They stay there, waiting for something to happen in their future, without knowing, maybe intuitively understanding that they are the civilised world, those who know how to show us the incredible beauty of a 20-year-old’s uncertainty.