Kiss me first (first feature)

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Kiss me first (Prima dammi un bacio)

Kiss me first (Prima dammi un bacio)

Kiss me first (Prima dammi un bacio)

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Prima dammi un bacio


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Adele and Marcello have been marked by the same fate since their birth: they were in fact born on April 16th 1927 at the same time, a few meters away from each other. From then on the two protagonists have lived a continual symbiosis, have magically shared feelings, emotions and experiences. Still children, in front of a small group of school-mates they celebrate their unlikely wedding with the complicity of Loris, an ungainly altar boy a little older than them. In a small abandoned chapel they bid to each other eternal love and exchange rubber rings built with a bicycle’s tyre. The two lovers will slowly loose sight of each other, drawn apart by the events of WWII, but their love will continue, fuelled by hope and memory. Their existences will develop in parallel for many years, sometimes overlapping due to an ironic destiny that will almost allow them to touch each other for a few seconds, a few metres or with a few words According to Loris, the witness and narrator of their long story, his two friends will often seem extremely near, kindred spirits inevitably attracted by their reciprocal dependence; but the same magic that brings them together always drives them apart. Nonetheless, the inseparable rubber ring will make them feel less lonely, will always give each of them the feeling that somewhere in the world the other nurtures the same sentiments, will give them the hope that they have someone to count on.