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35mm - colour

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1950. Republic of Macedonia, State of Jugoslavia. Blood-brothers Serafim and Vitomir are the protagonists of our story. Longtime friends, the two share risks and very little profit, which they obtain by smuggling goods from Italy into Socialist Jugoslavia. Their growing fame raises the curiosity of criminal Sefket Ramadani, a bloodthirsty individual whose name sends shivers down many-a-spine. He summons Serafim and Vitomir and asks them to take part to a bank robbery, granting them eternal richness. They accept but realize too late that the stuff they are supposed to steal belongs to the Jugoslavian army and is over-guarded by soldiers and all sorts of safety devices. Serafim gets caught by the police, while Vitomir makes a cowardly escape. He flees from the country and illegally enters neighbouring Italy, where he will build himself a solid criminal career under the fictitious name of Vito Genovese. Half a century goes by. A civil war has fragmented Communist Jugoslavia into a group of smaller Republics and Vito Genovese, formerly known as Vitomir, is breathing his last wish into Santino's ear, his one and only son. "I have a debt to pay," he whispers, "I have betrayed a friend and I want you to find him. And find a way to reward him for my act of cowardice." ...