Agata and the storm

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Agata and the storm (Agata e la tempesta)

Agata and the storm (Agata e la tempesta)

Agata and the storm (Agata e la tempesta)

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Agata e la tempesta

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Albachiara, Amka Films Productions, supported by Ministero della Cultura, TSI (Zurich), Mercury Film Productions (London), supported by Lumière & Co.






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Agata feels secure in her bookshop, but actually it’s as though she’s been inadvertently thrown into the plot of a story in a strange book: the unexpected passion for a lively and perhaps too self-assured young boy, the accidental discovery that her beloved brother Gustavo isn’t really her brother, and the light bulbs that mysteriously blow up when she walks past.
On the trail of Gustavo, the architect who’s running away from a life he no longer feels is his own, Agata ends up in Cicognara. It's a small village blanketed under the winter fog and suffocated by the summer humidity. This is where Romeo lives, Gustavo’s real brother. In the meantime, Gustavo has temporarily given up architecture , and has now dedicated himself to looking after Bianchina, his mother’s hen, as well as to the search for his father. Romeo sells clothes, and he drives up and down the plain in his well known orange van. He really loves his wife, but he never misses an opportunity to betray her. He has a dream, to dump everything and open up a trout farm. Agata, Gustavo and Romeo, and the other unusual characters in their world, uncover an eccentric family and a life to be created from scratch.