I like to work (mobbing)

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I like to work (mobbing) (Mi piace lavorare (mobbing))

I like to work (mobbing) (Mi piace lavorare (mobbing))

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Mi piace lavorare (mobbing)


Nicoletta Braschi, Camille Dugay, Claudia Coli, Constance Obijiaku, Fabrizio Tola, Francesca Romana Lugeri, Frederique Siguier, Ginevra Benini, Herbert Okey Obijiaku, Impero Bartoli, Marcello Miglio, Marian Serban, Marina Buoncristiani, Maurizio Quadrana, Michele Luggeri, Moses Chika Obijiaku, Roberta Celea, Rosa Matteucci, Sonia De Meo, Stefano Colace, Tommaso Nanni,


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35mm - colour

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The agency where Anna works as a secretary grade 3, has been bought by a foreign company. The day of the office party to celebrate the merger, Anna is the only one among the employees for not being greeted by the personal new director. A simple incident, or may be just a carelessness. Anna the last one in line, remained with the hand hanging freely and an unexpected cold rising in her back. From that little incident her ordeal has started. Slowly but relentlessly, the "group” turned against her. The harassment begin, little, unnoticed but consistent. Anna was left sitting alone at the table of the office restaurant, nobody invites her to have coffee in the morning anymore, her workstation was occupied unintentionally. Anna is a single woman, divorced with a girl Morgana. They are very much united and in agreement, they have learned to make it on their own, to sustain each other. A deep sense of precariousness filled their life. Now Anna is completely exhausted. She can no longer take care of her daughter, and when she realize, when she become conscious that the company stab her daughter through her, she would fine the strength to rebel, even for a hefty price, to win.