Gli angeli di Borsellino - Scorta QS 21

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Gli angeli di Borsellino - Scorta QS 21

Gli angeli di Borsellino - Scorta QS 21

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Gli angeli di Borsellino - Scorta QS 21

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35mm - colour

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Scorta QS21 tells the story of the 57 days between the Capaci attack (the murder of prosecutor Giovanni Falcone) and the Via d’Amelio attack (the murder of the deputy district attorney of Palermo, Paolo Borsellino), through the eyes of Emanuela, a girl from Sestu, in the province of Cagliari, who did not dream to wear the uniform and did not think she would brandish a gun nor could imagine she would become, together with the other ‘guardian angels’ of Borsellino, a ‘dead woman walking’. Six policemen next to a troublesome judge, who must be killed in anu way, even at the cost of turning a street of Palermo into a suburb of Beirut. Six ‘moving targets’, who fought against the ghostly menace of an announced catastrophe with all their strength, even at the cost of bending some rules. Six young men who faced the burden of a responsibility greater than themselves with the courage and the sensational vitality of a solid and close-knit group.