Italian Sud-Est (first feature)

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Italian Sud-Est

Italian Sud-Est

Italian Sud-Est

original title:

Italian Sud-Est






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Digi Beta Pal - colour

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Dolby SR

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Caterina roams around Salento. She travels on South East trains, the local railway that crosses through the Lecce region. Every day she talks to someone, a passenger, an engine driver or a railway worker whom she meets at a station. And every day she listens to stories, voices, memories. Sometimes she records notes on a tape recorder. The stories she gathers are about nomadic populations, saints and fables.
And they are also about injustice, squalor and desertion. Maybe Caterina is a journalist.
Sometimes she dreams.
In the meantime, Gigellino is waiting in front of a fountain. In silence. Some of his colleagues take the mickey out of him. They say he’s slow. They says he’s an unskilled worker from the South East, you can’t spend a whole damn shift filling up a bucket of water. But perhaps a letter will change his fate forever. Though one thing is for certain, Gigellino will change Caterina’s destiny.