Vodka lemon

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Vodka lemon

Vodka lemon

Vodka lemon

original title:

Vodka lemon

directed by:


Romik Avinian, Lala Sarkissian, Ivan Franek, Armen Marutyan, Astrik Avaguian, Ruzan Mesropyan, Zahal Karielachvili



set design:


Sintra, Amka Films Productions, Dulciné, Paradise Production





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SR

release date:


festivals & awards:

Snow is falling. We are in the post soviet Armenia. Hamo is a handsome sixty-something widower, living with his alcoholic son and his beautiful grand daughter. Hamo’s sole possessions on earth are seven dollars a month for military pension, an old armoire, a broken soviet television and his military suit. To be able to live, Hamo decides, with the go-ahead of his wife’s portrait hanging on the wall, to sell his old armoire. He carries the furniture on his back and heads to the village nearby to put it up for sale at the daily fair. On the road, Hamo looks like a snail man, carrying his gigantic cupboard on his back. Later, Hamo is at the cemetery, sitting on his wife’s grave. He looks at his portrait engraved on his late wife’s gravestone. The stone is only engraved on one side, waiting nothing but Hamo’s death to be completed. A little further away, Nina a beautiful fifty year old widow, is sitting on her husband’s gravestone. She looks at his portrait engraved on the stone.
In the old bus bringing them back to their villages, they are sitting only two rows apart. Hamo looks at Nina. She glances back. Then they look outside. The bus is on an endless road crossing through a huge landscape where everything is white but the stones from this country.
When returned, there is great news for Hamo ; a letter from his son from Paris is waiting for him in Yerevan. The village is buzzing ; « the envelope must be filled with 100 dollar bills ! » the villagers think. But Hamo’s thoughts are set on the beautiful stranger from the cemetery.
To go to Yerevan, Hamo must ride the side car of Romik, the village’s chief. The old soviet bike does not start and the whole village has to push behind him to make it start.
Arrived in Yerevan, the letter doesn’t contain any money...

(Source: Sintra)