Mater Natura (first feature)

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Mater Natura

Mater Natura

original title:

Mater Natura

directed by:


costume design:

visual effects:

Guido Pappadà for SirenaeFilm







film run:



35mm - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

The young transvestite Desiderio is deeply involved in a genuine love story with the owner of a carwash, named Andrea. Desiderio is unaware that his beloved is about to get married to a waitress named Maria, and most of all, that she is also the woman who has rented his family’s apartment.
Desiderio, is a transvestite, beautiful, highly sensitive and with a big heart, who starts making plans for the future, turning less to prostitution, since discovering that Andrea in return shows that he is trustworthy and sensitive.
At the same time we follow throughout the film, the extraordinary and amusing adventures of three other characters surrounding Desiderio, Massimino, a crazy intellectual, Europa, a simple and mature man, who longs for motherhood. Lastly and completing this quartet, Suegno, a transvestite with exasperated baroque taste who cannot stop turning to prostitution.
Soon Autumn will arrive, and Desiderio will find out about Andrea's impending marriage. Although he loves him more than life itself, he will chase him away, and try and reconnect with his own family, who continue not to accept him.
In Wintertime, Andrea's wife Maria, who has always refused to acknowledge this other relationship, will have to contend with the tragic death of her husband, who because of Desiderio will be the victim of a mortal brawl. It is Desiderio who will be the one to comfort her.
In Springtime, Desiderio decides to move in with his friends in an old country house, where they spend time gardening, performing welfare services, theatre and raising chickens and rabbits. Desiderio, keeping silent about his affair with Andrea, and so as not ruin Maria's happy memories, decides to register the house left to him by his parents, to Maria and Andrea's unborn child.
He then moves in with his companions hoping to find the strength to overcome the haunting loneliness in their lives...