Una talpa al bioparco

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Una talpa al bioparco

Una talpa al bioparco

Una talpa al bioparco

original title:

Una talpa al bioparco

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35mm - colour

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David lives with his brother, Libero, who's a bit like a son to him. He never finishes anything and is constantly tormented with fears and doubts. To make ends meet, David takes the first job that comes along and finds himself shovling hay and dung as a zookeeper. He sets his eye on a "rare species" called Giorgia . Apart from the fact she's drop dead gorgeous, drives around in a Cherooke, migrates all the time and sheds her skin quite easily, David doesn't know anything else. Who is Giorgia? According to Libero she's a pychopath, a dangerous nut and maybe even a killer - so maybe it would be best to keep well away from her. Disregarding this, David decides to find out more. Amid the monkeys and the elephants this mad-cap commedy takes off. The fates of men and animals alike meet on this search for a new, utopic and impossible world. But is it really so unachievable? At the end of the day, as David tells us, we're all beasts at heart.