Through the eyes of another

Through the eyes of another (Gli occhi dell'altro)

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Gli occhi dell'altro

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35mm - colour

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David is a grown up, a scientist; Barbara, a theatre actress, in spite of being thrity five years old is an eternal adolescent, characterized by changing moods and subject to hormonal outbreaks. Suddenly appearing in their lives is Nadir Bacha, a friend of Barbara's who is a forty year old Kurdish refugee, released from prison at the end of his sentence for an insignificant and unproven illegality.
Living their lives in common is not easy at first, regardless of Barbara's generosity, David's presence and good will, and Nadir's vitality.
Barbara is very busy with theatre rehearsals; David between lessons at the university and nights at the Sincrotrone, is often absent: rejected from various work possibilities, Nadir ends up becoming a type of domestic assistant...
In an almost obsessive way, David's hostility towards Nadir starts to grow, up until this irrational and almost violent energy will force David to the final day of reckoning....