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Radio Alice (Lavorare con lentezza - Radio Alice 100.6 mhz)

Radio Alice (Lavorare con lentezza - Radio Alice 100.6 mhz)

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Lavorare con lentezza - Radio Alice 100.6 mhz

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35mm - colour

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Dolby SR

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Bologna, 1976. Radio Alice is the student movement’s radio: imagination, rejection of salaried work, sexual freedom and cultural provocations. The radio is held under the control of the police, even though lieutenant lippolis is convinced that it isn’t worth wasting time with a bunch of unrealistic, elitist, drugged students.
A world extraneous to the protectors of law and order and to “good citizens”, but also to the majority of suburban youth.
such as safagna, the outskirts on the south. two friends about twenty years old, sgualo and pelo, can do no more than dream about a way out of their grey, oppressive daily life. they hang around the neighbourhood cafés and at times, to remedy their chronic lack of money, do little “jobs” for the local fence, marangon.
but this time marangon proposes something different… dig an underground tunnel in the city centre. goal: the savings bank in piazza minghetti. without hesitation, the pair accept the risky undertaking. well, sure, work makes you tired. so to liven up the long night hours of “work”, they take a little radio down into the tunnel. against all logic, they find a station: radio alice. the broadcaster’s “creative flow” becomes the sound track for the blows of their pickaxes. one night pelo and squalo decided to go to the broadcasting office and…