The mark (first feature)

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The mark

The mark

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The mark

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Surf Film, Jinko-Communications, Filmax (Barcellona), Duque Film (Barcellona)

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Italy. 2003. Mark Draveni, 19, charismatic leader of the Demons brotherhood and arrogant daddy's boy, has just broken up with his lovely girlfriend Giulia, 18. She's pregnant and resolute to keep the baby, but can't accept Mark's attitude towards life. On the other hand, he loves her but can't accept the commitment. After the umpteenth furious fight with Giulia, Mark is seduced by a new student, the malicious and blonde Serena Cursi, morbidly fascinating in her natural coldness. Mark and Serena have wild sex. After that, Serena apparently vanishes.
Sometime later Mark meets Uncle J., who a long time ago was the best friend of his father. Uncle J. was just released after having served a 15-year sentence for murder. He warns Mark about a lethal curse involving Josè himself and the mysterious Serena since the late 80's. The symbol of this curse is a black stigmata on the right hand of whomever becomes Serena's lover. At first Mark doesn't believe the ranting of Uncle J. Serena was his same age; how could she haunt people since the 80's?
Everything changes when Josè dies in front of his house, and the mark appears on his own right hand. Mark seeks Giulia for help and decides to look into this apparently urban legend like stuff. Thanks to a bunch of shady employees of the Draveni family, he gets in touch with Deep Throat, the supreme Mr. Know-It-All of Italian intelligence. Deep Throat gives him the address of a filthy old reporter, Enrico Artale, who finally sheds some light on Serena...