Passe-partout per l'inferno

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Passe-partout per l'inferno

Passe-partout per l'inferno

Passe-partout per l'inferno

original title:

Passe-partout per l'inferno

directed by:

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film run:

110' - Digital Beta - colore



Encouraged by a book given by their spiritual master, a group of four skinheads, hooked on Satanism, decide to meet Satan in one of houses in Basilicata (south of Italy). In that house during the second world war had lived a very beautiful woman victimezed by a group of nazist who killed her son. In revenge the woman called Satan for help and the devil made the soldiers mad and kill each other. The woman is now dead and the four skinheads want to find out what really has happened many years before, also to investigate about a friend that disappear during a previous visit to the house. They find the house but with a tenant: a politician in holydays with his wife?