The wind, in the evening (first feature)

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The wind, in the evening (Il vento, di sera)

The wind, in the evening (Il vento, di sera)

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Il vento, di sera

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The railway station of a big Italian town. Nightfall. Some people are sending some mysterious SMS from their mobile phones. Marco takes his bicycle and slowly cycles home. In the meanwhile, Paolo is at home waiting for his boyfriend Luca to arrive for dinner. Marco gets home, but as soon as he opens the door, two shots kill him. Luca accidently gets in the killer’s way. The killer shoots him and he falls, seriously wounded. People run into the street. Among them is Paolo, who’s completely upset, and his neighbour Francesca. She takes Paolo to the hospital where he argues with a doctor who can’t tell him anything about Luca because Paolo isn’t a “real” relative. Paolo learns accidently from a journalist that Marco was an important politician in the government and Luca has just died. Paolo leaves the hospital and starts to walk through the streets of a town continually patrolled by police cars. He goes to a coffee bar, where the barman tries to comfort him: He thinks his girlfriend just left him. A mobile phone rings: Paolo realises that it is Luca’s phone. Paolo answers: it is Luca’s mother. She blames Paolo for the death of her son and forbids him to ever set a foot in Luca’s house again.
Francesca and Paolo meet again on the street. They talk about their pain, but finally Paolo tells her that he wants to be alone. He keeps on walking. He’s completely drunk.
He meets a boy named Momo, and they go to a gay club. Paolo feels bad and they leave. They kiss each other and Momo takes Paolo to his place. In Momo’s room, they undress, but suddenly Paolo stops. He can’t go on, so he gets up and runs away. Paolo keeps on walking for a long time. A van leaves the newspapers in front of a newspaper kiosk. Paolo reads the banner headlines about the murders. It’s sunrise, and the newspaper makes Paolo realise that what happened is reality. So Paolo talks once again to Luca and gives him his last good-bye.