Before you know it (first feature)

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Before you know it (Basta un niente)

Before you know it (Basta un niente)

Before you know it (Basta un niente)

original title:

Basta un niente

directed by:


costume design:





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SRD

release date:


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For Ivo, Rosario and Peppe, days go by between work, family problems and daily life.
The three of them, lifelong friends, and a little to make ends meet, a little because of foolish artistic ambitions, play music in dreary looking clubs. Their music is not well liked, but they keep persisting.
Then suddenly the news: Paolo e’Fierro is dead, local mafia hood, famous for his hold-ups. Or better, he feigns death in order to escape with the loot. And up to here, nothing seems strange. But on the night of a full moon, in the cemetary, the three of them witness a mysterious and ghastly scene: the Boss, who is a stand offish type and covered in scars, has Paolo é Fierro's tomb escavated by two maniacs and discovers something he was afraid to...from then on the quiet tranquillity of the samll town will be tarnished.