Gas (first feature)

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35mm - colour

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Dolby Digital

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Luca, 24 years old, is inside an abandoned building. A fresh wound on his nose. Same building, restored. Francesco, Emiliano, Sandro, Monica and Laura, everybody from 20 to 30 years old, enjoying to scare a man kidnapped in the night. With them there’s Luca too. His wound is starting to heal. Luca lives in Latina, province town, and he does home delivery for a supermarket. With the van he brings us around the city. He lives with his parents. Francesco has a son and on sundays he brings him and the family to the beach. Emiliano works in a morgue. Sandro is the son of a famous television personality but, since his father left him, he's been living with his frustrate and unsatisfied mother. Monica spends her days in front of the television in a luxury house financed by one of her father’s friends. Laura lives in a working-class house with a mother who is too young, an over-worked father and a younger sister whom she looks after. Luca drags a conventional relationship with Ludovica, who's older then him, a serious girl with a rich family background. Riccardo, 30 years old, is Ludovica’s brother, full of life and enterprising. He comes back after many years spent far from province to study. He meets Luca and, in a brief amount of time, they establish a strong sensitive and intellectual feeling that convince Luca to contact himself for the first time and to break off the relationship with Ludovica. Luca’s emotions and energies, surprise himself, starting to fly until a night when he quarrels with Riccardo, he refuses his own homosexuality and he storms out slamming the door. Luca, walking around the city, meets Francesco, Emiliano, Sandro, Monica and Laura but he doesn’t remember where and how they already met. That night he joins the group and he’s involved in the aggression attempt of a 50 years old man. Luca suggests bringing him in the abandoned building where he lives, at the moment, alone. Here the group starts to play with the prey and drinks enormous amounts of alcohol offered by Luca.
Around sunrise, when everybody is drunk, down and asleep, Luca drags out and releases the kidnapped man and he locks up the gate quickly. Then he waits the wake up of the group and finally he discovers himself telling...
From the homonym play by Luciano Melchionna.