The story of Leo (first feature)

The story of Leo (La storia di Leo)

The story of Leo (La storia di Leo)

original title:

La storia di Leo

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35mm - colour


animation film

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The story of Leo is the adventurous, romantic, tender and amusing story. Leo, being a young vegetarian lion, is an outcast, rejected by his fellow lions because he is different. However, one day, quite despite himself, he comes to the rescue of Avoria, the beautiful queen of a herd of elephants as she gives birth to two little ones with intwined tails. Avoria is the "widow" of elephant ELE, who has been mysteriously murdered. Avoria is being courted by Zanco, a magnificent and domineering white elephant who in fact only wants to marry Avoria to become king of the herd. A series of exciting misadventures that follow the birth separate the mother and her young ones. Leo, suddenly forced into the role of "father", must cross the savannah in search of the legendary Milk Lake in order to feed the famished baby elephants. The group is joined by Cobo, Leo’s best friend. Cobo, though an old antelope, is very young at heart, with lots of stories and lots of grand children. The aging antelope is witty, fun, has no inhibitions, and is the only one that knows the "difference" secret. Along the way, many other wonderful friends join the group, such as Little Leopard, Little Zebra and Little Monkey, as they all accompany our heroes on their journey. Whether the magic spot actually exists, in fact, is not at all certain, and Leo needs to seek the wise counsel of Camea, the great actress of the jungle stage. Camea has the marvellous gift – precisely – of being able to change like a chameleon. There is also Hugo, the turtle who is as quick to speak as he is slow to move. After an epic struggle with hyenas and vultures that attack the group, Leo must challenge the cruel and terrible Zanco. The elephant wants to find Avoria’s little ones and force her to marry him. Yet, just as in all of our most beloved fairy tales, a happy ending is sure to come. Leo, Avoria, and the baby elephants will live happily ever after. In fact, even happier than in fairy tales, since the two baby elephants, once their tails have been unravelled, dissolve into the tender eyes of two adorable lion cubs...