Maria si

A teenager-boy Marco spends the summer in a sea village with his family, pretending to ignore that his parent's marriage is on the edge and that his mother has another love affair.During a sunny morning, he meets a mysteriuos and lonely girl named Maria.It is the beginning of a sweet love story, his first experience with love.Although their frequent meeting on the seaside, Marco does not know much about Maria, only that she lives with her mother Rachele in a villa next to the sea.In the attempt of collecting information about the girl, Marco is told that Rachele is a prostitute. Incredulous, He decides to go to the villa and see what goes on during the night.The truth is more awful than he expected: men go there to visit Maria and not Rachele who is not her real mother. Marco is shocked and disappointed. Is Maria a ruthless prostitute or only a victim to be set free? He has to come to grips with crime, cruelty and freedom.