Berbablù (first feature)

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In the years before the beginning of the First World War, in a poverty stricken, long-subjugated rural area in the Romagna hills, a sensual, pagan world still survives with its archaic practices. Maria, the beautiful and wealthy ethnologist who documents and participates in this world, is not immune to the fascination of Bérbablù (Bluebeard), an accordion player who got his nickname from his prowess with women. Both Maria and Berbablu’ are staying at The German’s Inn, which is also a meeting place for hard-up lowlife characters always ready to take risks in the hope of making a fast buck.. Two of these are Mufina and Didoni, young men under the guidance of cunning old Arfur. The murder during a country fair of a poor sacristan to whom Bérbablù was very attached, brings back a weird character from Bérbablù's childhood: Prince Salviati. While Arfur links the murder with the disappearance of a painting, Bérbablù's personal inquiries concern a dangerous and delicate love affair. Long time lover of Norma, the wife of rich rough landowner Alvisi, Berbablu’ has fallen madly in love with their daughter Lucia, getting into a situation in which mysticism, superstition and madness turn out to be invincible. When Italy joins the war, with the inevitable call to arms of the whole crowd, Bérbablù finds himself beaten on his own ground. And while Maria sadly leaves that world of which she perceives the end, Arfur, Prince Salviati and Alvisi get ready for the new order of things.